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if you could be my punk rock princess...

i would be your garage band king.

Craig Manning.
4 September
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User Number: 090789
Date Created:2004-08-29
Number of Posts: 8

Craig Manning. I'm in a band, I cheated on my (then) girlfriend Ashley and got a girl named Manny pregnant. My dad used to abuse me, I'm 17.
Strengths: guitar, singing, songwriting
Weaknesses: vulnerablity, girls, guitars, money
Special Skills: Lead singer of Downtown Sasquatch.
Weapons: my guitar
Friends: Ellie Nash, Emma Nelson, Hazel Aden, Jay Hogart, Jimmy Brooks, JT Yorke, Kendra Mason, Liberty van Zandt, Marco del Rossi, Nadia Jamir, Paige Michalchuk, Sean Cameron, Spinner Mason, Terri Mcgreggor, Toby Isaacs, Ashley Kerwin

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